Viper 5304V

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Responder LE 2-way Security - Remote Start System    


2-way Hybrid Security and Remote Start System

Built-in Turbo Timer

Includes One LCD 2-Way Transceiver & One 5-button Transmitter

Confirms commands and system triggers using LCD screen (2 way remote only)

Super Bright LED System Status Indicator

Extreme 2,000 feet FCC legal 2-Way range

Real Status - check the vehicle temperature and run time remaining using the remote

4 Auxiliary Outputs

Multi-channel remote start / security / keyless entry system


Dome Light Supervision

Defroster Output

Horn Honk


Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor

Revenger Six-Tone Siren

Parking Light Flash

Built-in XCR (Extreme Capacity Relay Satellite)

Comfort Closure

Failsafe Starter Kill

Manual Transmission remote start mode

Supply ONLY VIPER Standard Alarm System

Installation instructions are included