Steelmate PTSV401 Matt Black Sensors (Camera) (Colour matching)

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4 Sensor rear parking assist system with bumper mount colour camera    


4 Sensor rear parking assist system with bumper mount colour camera for use with OEM or after-market A/V monitors. Reverse with vision, the system is able to send the camera picture to any A/V screen which has an RCA camera input and also overlays on your screen the precise distance in meters to obstacles in the detection zone. The visible external diameter of the sensor head is 22.9mm with a depth of 20.1mm and they have detachable cables and a 4 and 10 degree angle of tilt in the box.



Sensor Colour Coding:


We offer a sensor colour coding service which enables the sensors to be sprayed to match the colour of your vehicle for an additional cost. If you select the 'match my vehicle colour' option above when ordering, you can enter your vehicle make, model and colour code under general information at the checkout process or if you prefer let a member of our staff call you to obtain the colour code for your vehicle. The colour code can usually be found on the vehicles VIN plate or door shut.


Main Features:


1/3 colour sensor CMOS camera

Wide angle (115 degrees) camera

OSD control panel

Perfect low light vision

Shock, vibration and water resistant camera


Compatible with most A/V receivers

Accurate digital distance and clear rearview shown on A/V monitors

Dual guidance by camera and ultrasonic sensors

Buzzer warning, volume adjustable

Perfect performance in all weather conditions

Self-testing function

Anti-false alert technology


Technical Parameters:


Voltage:12V ± 3V

Static Current:<80mA

Working Current:<400mA

Detecting Range:0.10>2.59m

Display Range:0.30>2.50m

Beep Volume:70>90dB