Maserati CarPlay/AndroidAuto Kit

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MASERATI GRANTURISMO GT Apple CarPlay Android Auto Retrofit Interface Kit

Reverse Camera

The latest integration now makes it possible to add Apple Carplay and Android Auto to the vehicles original factory fitted system. It provides the same functionality to vehicles that were manufactured before the Apple Carplay and Android Auto option was available or where the upgraded option had not been specified.

This kit will provide Apple Car Play and Android Auto on the original Maserati GT screen. A transparent touch panel touch enables the original the original screen allowing control of the system via touch, given access to all of the essential apps in your car such as Phone calls, messaging, Navigation, Music/Spotify etc, connected directly to your smartphone.

The kit is supplied with an external Mic for phone integration and for Voice commands through Google or Siri, and the sound is played through the car speakers via the AUX input.

The Interface also provides a fully integrated Android System which allows you to access all Android Apps (even those which are not available through Android auto and Apple Carplay) and operate them via the touch-screen on the original system in Motion. 

The Apple Carplay / Android auto kit does not replace any of the original equipment in the vehicle, it will instead add functionality to it while the original system will operate as normal.




  • Integrates perfectly with the original factory fitted Maserati GT screen. Does not require you to replace or modify the head unit or any of the existing equipment in the vehicle. 
  • Premium Quality transparent Capacitive touchscreen digitizer provides touch control to operate the Android Auto / Apple Carplay system.
  • Works in the same way as the factory fitted Carplay /Android Auto solution now offered on new VW vehicles. Provides full functionality on the original system which otherwise not be possible.
  • Also provides a fully integrated Android system, allowing any other apps to also be used on the original system such as Youtube and other apps not supported by Apple Carplay & Android Auto.
  • Microphone included for handsfree and for using Siri or Google Voice Assist.
  • Optional Video Input, Smartphone Mirroring and Rear Camera integration
  • HD Integration giving you the highest possible image quality on your factory screen
  • Keep your iPhone / Android phone charged when connected to the system
  • Switch from your original to the system at any time using the original system controls (By long-pressing the original phone button on the steering wheel)
  • Audio integration through the car’s original speaker system through the AUX input


Other Features:

  • Rear Camera integration – Connect a Rear camera
  • Playback video and audio files via USB operated via touch screen
  • Automatic switching to Rear and Front Camera inputs
  • Video Input for connecting any video source such as Digital TV, DAB, DVD etc

The kit includes: 

  • Multimedia Interface
  • All cables / Plug and Play Harness
  • Apple Carplay/Android Auto Integration Module
  • Capacitive Touchscreen Digitizer kit 
  • USB adapter for smartphone connection
  • Microphone


The interface is installed behind the original head unit.


Maserati GranTurismo 2008 Onwards

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