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Call us now:   (0)7960 108800  
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Latest Audio

Technology is continuously developing. To help you keep up, we offer a wide range of aftermarket stereo's that can offer CD/Radio/DAB Aux/iPod/USB and even TV/DVD functions. For cars with audio steering wheel controls, these can be incorporated into your new system for full functionality.Head units can also be used to control media players like the iPod or navigate the content of a USB flash drive that's connected to the stereo system. Head units with Bluetooth audio can also play music that's streamed wirelessly from a compatible mobile phone.In addition to controlling the system's volume, head units usually include basic tone controls such as bass and treble to tailor the sound to the listener's taste. Many audio systems also include signal processing that automatically adjusts the volume. Head unit fitting starts at £45.00 for single din (head only) with bluetooth it starts at £50.00, Double din with or without bluetooth starts at £55.00.


To always know the whereabouts of your vehicle(s) a tracker is the only way to keep up to date.Using GPS tracking will give you an accurate location. Trackers we offer also interact with Smartphones that can alert you of any unwanted activity.We install these systems on a rolling scale depending on the system required and the number of vehicles -we offer very good discounts. Please call us for a competetive quote.


There are three main types of sat navs, integrated, dedicated and mobile phone apps.Integrated sat navs can be convenient, but are expensive and can only be used in one car. Dedicated sat navs are cheaper but can be a target for thieves. Sat nav apps are cheap (some are even free), but not all of them can compete with dedicated devices.SatNav and Dash cam hardwire supply and fit c/w 12 volt charger: £60.00


A single goal (to rid the country of poor quality in-car electrical fitting). With over six years experience we can accommodate all your vehicles electrical needs, from individuals seeking the latest high end audio equipment to company fleets needing alarm systems tracking systems or camera security.The premises are shared with EMP PERFORMANCE. We are based at 152 London Road (A1081), just 5 minutes off St. Albans High Street, with 1 hour free parking on the street. For on-site fitting we have a seated customer waiting area with TV/DVD.

Speakers / Amps / Subs

To obtain that final audio satisfaction a speaker upgrade is crucial. From volume to clarity, a wide range of speaker upgrades are available that will achieve the sound that you are looking for. Further control over sound quality an amplifier would be an upgrade to be considered.In most cases, you'll want one amp for all the speakers in the car, which means you'll need multiple channels on the amp -- each channel drives one speaker. Since most cars have four speakers, four-channel amps are the most popular.Five- or six-channel amps will give you even more options. If you only have one subwoofer and no other high-powered speakers, you only need a one-channel amp. Otherwise, the subwoofer will probably require its own amp.Installation for a pair of speakers costs per pair speakers from £45.00 to £65.00Sub or amp fitting is £55.00 on an after market stereo to £75.00 on a factory fitted stereo, the price includes a required line converter,

Parking Aids

The most widely offered forms of parking support are proximity sensors and rear view camera's. Both have great benefit to your driving, sensors will give you real time alerts of the distance to an object where as the camera will display real time imagery directly from behind your vehicle.We can supply and fit Color coded parking sensors
and standard parking sensors without color coding from as little as £140.00. You will need to complete a colour declaration form with the make, model year of manufacture and the registration number, alternatively if you know the colour simply include it on the form.

Alarms & Security

From the simplest Thatcham Approved Cat1 alarm system with sensors to the most advanced alarm system with Smartphone interaction, these are all available. Remote start functions are also available which in the cold winter mornings allow you to warm your vehicle up from the comfort of your house whilst keeping the car securely locked. Smartphone functions include locking, unlocking, remote start, tracking locations, and more.Turbo timer functions are also available for those cars that have been modified and require a cooling down period after a long drive Immobilisers : For ultimate peace of mind when leaving your car unattended an immobiliser is essential. These create a complete immobilisation of your engines electronics. You can have these installed as a standalone system but are also incorporated into many aftermarket alarms systems..Some of our alarm systems are priced including the fitting, you can purchase these and simply call us to arrange a fitting time and day. Some alarm systems will require more information before we can quote ann installation cost. Where applicable please fill in the form and submit it, we will then tailor a fitting charge to your vehicle and your requirements.


For your safety and to prevent future penalties. We can integrate a bluetooth handsfree system into your existing car stereo which will remotely connect to your mobile phone and display your phonebook.Many of the kits offer an audio streaming function which allows you to remotely play music straight from your phone. If your looking to upgrade your stereo, many also have bluetooth handsfree incorporated.

Save On Installation

Agree the cost of Installing any item or combination of items from our online catalogue, which will include all the extras needed for the install: converters, harness', adapters, cables, connectors and any fascia/DIN plates, all you have to do is buy the equipment through our online shop, to get an instant 5% discount off your complete shopping basket when you check out.when you receive all your hardware, Call us up arrange to bring the car in and leave the rest to us. Finally pay for the installation, there will be no extras and no surprises, we take credit cards, debit cards, a bank transfer and you can even pay online through paypal

Satisfied Customers - all the time, every time

Prestige Installs want you to be completely satisfied when your purchase any of our services and equipment. All our equipment is covered by the manufacturers 12 month warranty and relevant guarantee and our installation carries a full three month warranty (terms and conditions apply) so If for any reason you aren't satisfied please let us know by: Calling us on (0)7960 108800 or email us at:

Visit Us

You are welcome to visit our St. Albans showroom where we can demonstrate some of the latest vehicle technologies. please note: we do not display all of the items you can buy online, these come from our central warehouse which we does not have facilitires for public viewing. We do however offer impartial advice on all brands to make sure you get the most out of your new equipment We are enthusiastic and professional when it comes to your in-car electrical needs. From a straight forward stereo install, to an integrated alarm system or even a high-end bespoke audio upgrade. We will provide a service second to none to ensure the very highest  standard.

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